Saturday, June 11, 2011

!!!!!Welcome To My Blog!!!!!!!

Hello World!!!! Hey out there! What's up!!!!!Good Afternoon! Good MORNING..LOL

LOL!!! Wherever you are...whatever time of day it is..which ever greetings works well with you I just wanted to say HI!!!!

I wanted to finally start my blog off it has taking me a while to figure this out. But I think I finally have it together!!! Wait a min....I almost forgot *waving jumping up and down* Hi!!! my name is Tracy and welcome to my blog!!!! One thing that I can promise you about this blog is that this will not be just your ordinary blog..I am going to try and have something different hopefully every time I make a blog entry:-) I love handbags,fashion,my lovely dog Brazil and I love photography!! I am not a photographer..but I love to look at amazing pictures(Kinda weird huh??) But hey Don't Judge Me!!!! LOL

I do have a channel on YouTube: thetknight088, you can follow me on Twitter@JAD0RETRACE

I am so excited about this blog this will give you guys an everyday feel in my daily life and interest!!!

A million hugs and kisses to you guys!!!