Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My Baby Shower for My Little Prince...(WARNING PIC OVERLOAD)

As you can see my shower was everything I wanted and more!!! My beautiful mother and sister did a great job making all my decorations and food. My family and friends came together and helped my mom decorate the venue! When I walked in I was so shocked on how beautiful the place was!! Koran and I felt so blessed to have our family and friends come together to celebrate our son. We were showered with some many gifts and kind words from everyone! I feel so blessed that I was able to experience this moment in life!!!

Pregnancy Update: I will be 34 weeks tomorrow 12/10/2014. I went to Labor and Delivery yesterday Morning and Evening I did not leave until 12 am! I was experiencing false labor pains!! Let me tell you something if that was false labor pains I don't know if I can take the real ones!! lol My doctor placed me on bed rest for the day and I should be returning to work tomorrow. My baby boy is doing just fine growing and kicking!!! 

Make sure you keep us in your prayers and thoughts
Until Next Time