Friday, June 17, 2011

Wishes do Come True...

Hi my DOLLS&GENTS.....Ok you guys remember my make a wish list the other day. Well guess what! I got 3 things on my list. I can not believe it like it happened so fast! One thing that I am so happy about is my New Nikon Coolpix L110!!!! Yay! I have been wanting this camera for a very long time. And I got the camera with all the accessories and more for just $150!! IKR!!! The camera retails for $279!!! Such a great deal!!! I will be taking my BFF Jill and her honey's pics this weekend just to try the camera out and I will post pics for you guys!!!

I also wanted a handbag...I kept wondering What kind of bag I wanted? Could I afford it?? And so on and etc...and blah blah!! So I just forgot about it!!! I went to the Goodwill on my lunch break yesterday and guess what??? I got two bags and a shirt for $12.50!!!

One of the bags was a Vintage Leather Dooney and Burke!!! OMG TDF!!! I know!! lol

I just wanted to come and let you guys know the good news!!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Make a wish.......

So I have been thinking about a couple of things...And daydreamin about stuff that I really want!!! Maybe I should write out a christmas list put in the mail and send it to Santa Claus for christmas in July!!! LOL.... I follow Mschanda on youtube and she takes some awesome pictures with her Nikon Coolpix L110 and I want one!!! I love to take pictures of everything especially my niece and Brazil(my dog):-) I also want to get Adele,Jill Scott and Beyonce's new album!!! Adele has been out a while and I went to Target and it was $9.99 I dont know why I didnt pick it up then...Where was my antenna's????LOL Also I want Jill Scott's CD because I have seen her two new videos and she just seems sooooo happy and free!!! And I want the same feeling I am slowly but shortly getting my happiness and joy back!!! Beyonce's CD does not come out until June 24th I heard a song by her on the radio the other day can't think of the name of it but it says something like You're the worst thing I ever had.....something like that!lol But I had it blasting in my car!!! So I cant wait to get her CD!!!! I also want a new handbag...Ok before we go any further "Hello my name is Tracy and I am a addicted to handbags!!lol I have to buy a new purse everytime I go the store, shop online, ride a bike, hope, skip, jump or whatever LOL...So hopefully I will have new bag before the week is over with:-) I am going to try and do a wish list every month of everything I want because hey sometimes a girl just has to treat herself!!! Lol A million hugs and kisses!!!

P.S. I also want a pair of some cute little Flats;-)


Monday Lucky Dress .....

Hey beauties!! This is my OOTD..just a simple comfortable dress and cardigan!!! I was so comfortable yesterday and I did not feel like getting all dressed up this morning...So I found this little dress in my closet I brought this dress last spring. This is my lucky dress..Lol You know how Jessica Simpson (My Muse) has her lucky green sweater, she said that a lot of good things have happened to her in that sweater and she loves it..That's how I feel about this dress...alot of sunshine,late nights, stars, and fun in this dress!!!!!!



Necklace:Plato's Closet

Bracelet: Juicy Couture

Sandals: Target

Earrings: Forever 21

Cardigan: Rue 21

Sunday, June 12, 2011

OOTD Simple Sunday Look..

Easy like Sunday Morning.....

Hey everyone here is my OOTD..It was casual day at my church so I wanted to dress very comfortable!! Also I think I look kinda slim in black..LOL.. Thanks for stopping by!! A million hugs and kisses!
Dress: Walmart

Tube top: Forever 21

Necklace:Forever 21

Earrings&Bracelet: Racks Pine Bluff,Arkansas

Shoes:Plato's Closet


Saturday, June 11, 2011

!!!!!Welcome To My Blog!!!!!!!

Hello World!!!! Hey out there! What's up!!!!!Good Afternoon! Good MORNING..LOL

LOL!!! Wherever you are...whatever time of day it is..which ever greetings works well with you I just wanted to say HI!!!!

I wanted to finally start my blog off it has taking me a while to figure this out. But I think I finally have it together!!! Wait a min....I almost forgot *waving jumping up and down* Hi!!! my name is Tracy and welcome to my blog!!!! One thing that I can promise you about this blog is that this will not be just your ordinary blog..I am going to try and have something different hopefully every time I make a blog entry:-) I love handbags,fashion,my lovely dog Brazil and I love photography!! I am not a photographer..but I love to look at amazing pictures(Kinda weird huh??) But hey Don't Judge Me!!!! LOL

I do have a channel on YouTube: thetknight088, you can follow me on Twitter@JAD0RETRACE

I am so excited about this blog this will give you guys an everyday feel in my daily life and interest!!!

A million hugs and kisses to you guys!!!