Monday, February 27, 2012

Fashionista Spotlight

Meet Brittany
Hey Loves! This Fashionista spotlight is a friend of mine that I have known since High School.
She has always been so sweet and she has an AWESOME sense of style.Great personality as well:-)
OK,so here is the deal I always used to see Brittany out and about with her friends or on pictures on Twitter, or Facebook. And I used to be like Aww cute shoes, Aww cute shirt, Aww cute top etc.etc...Then I discovered that she was an upcoming Fashion Stylist! I was like OK let me share her style and wisdom with you guys. So look Below Brittany has included a little bit about herself for you guys!
Brittany,thank you so much for allowing me to feature you on this series!!-xoxo Tracy
Here is her Tumblr follow her:
How would you describe your personal style in 3 WORDS??
Fun. Unexpected. Versatile
Do you follow trends or make up your own rules??
Both. If its a trend i feel is worth trying, I usually take it and make it my own
Who are some of your favorite designers?
Zac Posen, BCBG, Rachel Roe & Rag and Bone to name a few.
What are your main beauty items that you carry with you on a daily basis?
I carry a bag of different lip glosses/ lip sticks in an array of shades. Never know when I'll need a pick up or a splash of color.
What are five MUST have clothing items that YOU think a girl must have??
A white button down, a pair of dark jeans (skinny &/or wide-flare), something leather other than shoes, a simple LBD (little black dress) & Blazer.
Blackberry or Iphone?
iPhone baby!
Forever21 or H&M?
H&M even tho I do adore XX1
Heels or Flats?
Thats tough! It depends on the mood. I'd even throw sneakers in the mix. I like to rock em all.
Twitter or Facebook?
I'm a Twitter girl now
Who's style do admire most?(Can be anyone!! Not just someone famous) and Why??
I love Angela Simmons style as of late. The girl can rock just about anything and most importantly, she owns it!
Are there any blogs or websites that you follow for inspiration? If so who??
Yeeees! Nazi's closet, are just a FEW bookmarked on my phone. Lots more on my computer though lol.
Describe your blog or website what should your followers expect from you??
Right now I only use tumblr but I'm toying with the idea of starting a blog. On my tumblr you pretty much get a since of my life. What I'm doing & fashions I'm lusting after.
What is your favorite Quote and what does it mean to you??
" Live, Laugh, Love." Simple. It means exactly what it says. Life's too short & tomorrows not promised so live I by that quote.

What can people expect from you in the future?(Blogs,Projects,etc...)
Future projects include that possible fashion blog I spoke about earlier, an online clothing boutique & possibly working with a few of Dallas' upcoming stylists. My future is bright & excited!!!