Monday, February 13, 2012

.Weekend Recap

.Hey Loves well this weekend was great...I really didn't think I would do much this weekend b/c my poor my baby is sick(MY CAR!!) and you know if you don't have your own G-ride you can't really do the things you want to do and go where you want to go!! But surprisingly this weekend was really nice I got a chance to shop a little and get my June Ambrose on!!! I have been seeing so many pictures of June's turbans and I wanted to just try one for fun and see how it would turn out so the first is the pic of FAB JUNE..Then me..Tell me what you think??..

I thought it turned out pretty good for my first time I don't know..LOL Everywhere I went people were looking like WOW...LOL I felt like a queen:-) Yesterday I went to walmart  with my cousin with it on and I got the same reaction. When people do new things here or something different in my city people are so judgmental they stare for a long time and think they are whispering but you CLEARLY hear them..LOL I went into the store with my mom to look for my grandmother something and we were just walking through store and a group of girls looked at me and they were like "Aww she must be into her roots and stuff..." Into my roots??!!! I just laughed that was soo funny but I LOVED THE ATTENTION EVERY BIT OF IT!! Cause guess what they will have it on next week lol!!!

I had another thing on my agenda as well...As you know I do photography as well and this weekend was my church 1st Heart 2 Heart banquet. It was a couples banquet for couples at my church. I was very honored when my Aunt Connie asked me to be the photographer:-) My mom went all out and actually got me a professional back drop and everything the pictures really did turn out nice here are a few below of my parents

Nice looking couple huh??? Who do you think I look like the most?? LOL

During the couples banquet my cousin who was one of the servers at the banquet ran up to me and said "Girl they just found Whitney Houston dead at 48....I was in total shock!!! Man I just could not believe it!!! Whitney Houston is and will always be one of my fave artist. You can listen to her songs when you are happy and in love, and when you are going through breakup or anything!!! Can I get an Amen on that??!!! LOL Well below is one of my fave performances from her!!
R.I.P. Whitney Houston You will be Missed:-)

Despite the sad news I did have a great weekend watching the Grammy's I just LOVE MY BOO ADELE!! I bet you that old boo wants to come back now!! Look How Beautiful she was last night!!
Congrats Adele You Deserve it!!

So to make a LONG story short I had a nice weekend..Oooh wait before I forget me and my family had some fun with my web cam this weekend here are some funny pics as well..!! lol

WOW...Tracy what a picture overload!! I know I'm sorry you guys...LOL
BUT needless to say I had a great weekend....Despite that I haven't moved yet!! Patience is the key here!! LOL Until next time