Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Is going Natural for Everyone??!!

Hey Loves!
This is a quick update on my hair!

Well I was transitioning to go Natural
But guys I don't think it was going to work for me! I tried so hard to do it! My hair was getting knot ed up it was very dry! I can honestly say that I am not the best person with hair care! All I am good at is going to the Salon allowing someone to fix it and so on and so on...Call me Lazy I guess..This was my second time trying it and I was said to myself I am going to try it on my own terms not because everyone else is doing it...So times got hard and guess what....????

I know.I know. I know...Some people may think that if you give up on your natural journey you are giving up on yourself honestly I can say I am not I like my relaxed hair I honestly think it looks better on me and my hair feels better as well. Don't get me wrong I may wear some Bantu Knots this summer or a Afro or something But from now on I am going to stick with my relaxers:-)
What do you guys think? Let me know
xoxo Tracy