Wednesday, February 15, 2012

.Stiletto Nails..

.Hey Luv bugs..
I know this is nothing new and they are pretty old but they are coming back..
I remember Coco from SWV used to wear her nails really long back in the day and I remember my mom and auntie saying "Girl have you seen that girl nails from SWV nails?? How does she used them they are too long..And then After a while they went out of style Here is a picture of the old "Stiletto Nails"
I bet my girl knew she was making a fashion statement  Dare to be different huh??!! LOL
So sometime last year I start seeing this style of nails make a comeback by Beyonce,Lady Gaga, and Rhianna just to name a few...

And Now all of sudden they are hot and classy!! But to me they can be classy and they can be ghetto..It just depends on how you wear them you know...I am on the in between tip on these nails..I just don't know if this will a request of mine next time I go to the nail shop..LOL But we will see I found a couple of pics on Tumblr that were pretty nice..Let me know what you think..

??? You still thinking??? Umm me too..LOL
Well until next time