Monday, July 11, 2011

My Weekend..........

Hey you guys!!! I hope that you are having a great day I thought that you guys might wanted to know what I did this past weekend....Well!!! My first cousin/BFF is getting married YAY!!! Her older sister Semone organized her Bridal Shower which turned out so beautiful!!! My cousin thats getting married is Jamie! We are 4 days apart! I am so proud of her she is already a wonderful mommy and I think she is going to be an even better wife!!! The theme of her Bridal Shower was the perfect pair,perfect match so Semone took some shoes and decorated them and they were the centerpieces on the tables!!! Very creative huh??? There was also a slideshow that brought back alot of memories! In high school it was always me, my cousin Jamie, and Tawanna!!! We were the 3 amigas!!! LOL We still keep in touch everyday!!! We have the type of friendship that if we dont talk to each other everyday we are calling or texting each other saying "R u okay?"! or "Why you aint called??"It's great to have a long lasting life time friendship!!!

I have attached pictures below of the centerpieces and a picture of us!! I didnt get alot of pics of the actual event because I was a Host! The wedding will be September 10,2011!!!!

Me,(Tracy),Tawanna,Jamie(The Bride to be)

Also after the Bridal shower my Bff Jillian called me and told me that her Boo Fred had passed his aviation(Proably didnt spell the right!lol) exam!!! Yay!!! So we went out that night and got our party on!!! We went to a local bar ate and had a couple of drinks and had a photoshoot in the bar!!! LOLOL!!! We are so crazy!!!! Wherever we go (Gucci Voice) It's a Photo Shoot!!! LOLOL

Congratualtions Fred!! We are so proud of u!!!! Jill taught you well SON!!! LOL J/K Pics below of that as well!!!!! Be prepared to laugh!!!!LOL

I hope you guys enjoyed-xoxo-Tracy!!!!