Sunday, June 3, 2012

Where is the Sunshine?

Hey Guys! I hope everyone is having a great day and your weekend was great.
I know I hate writing sad post but here lately I have had a lot of things going on in my life. Dont get me wrong I thank God for the good, the ugly, and the most diffcult times that I have had. The reason being is because they make me stronger!
I have just been through so much here lately I want to ask God when are you going to lighten up on me! LOL Like when will I have a happy day,weekend, or  just a fun day where I feel appreciated. I dont want to go into details but I have been really stressed over some issues.
It seems like everyone else is happy around me expriencing new things and new adventures in their life and I get to one spot or place in my life and I am just stuck there! I am really stressed I want to give up sometimes but then I have a little talk with the most important man in my life and thats God. He keeps telling me to keep on trying, to keep going and that this is just not my season at this time. God also told me not to stress over things that can't be changed. Such as things that I have lost material things, jobs, relationships,and friendships! I have been really hurt lately by some events that have took place in my life, but I get so happy and relieved when God comes to me and says that You dont have to worry Tracy I took this or that away for your good and because I love you:-)
I just know that God is telling me that its not my season and things will get better!
I dont want to question God but I just hope the storm is over soon:-(