Sunday, November 24, 2013

.Grandpa's Sweater

Grandpa Sweater Time!!!!!!!
I love warm and fuzzy sweaters!!
I am a BARGAIN on a budget type of shopper!
Both of the sweaters above were purchased at Saver's I paid $4.00 for both sweaters!!!
The grandpa sweater trends allows you to dress warm and cute!! You can also hide some of that holiday laid back eating weight.  At least I know it works for me!
Tips on buying a great over sized sweater!!
1.) Make sure you look for a sweater at a thrift store! I personally go to Goodwill or Savers!
2.) Make sure you go to the Men's section in the thrift store. Men clothing normally runs bigger than women clothes and you would get that over sized look!!
3.) Make sure that the sweater is light but heavy at the same time, weird I know but once you get there you would see what I am trying to say LOL
4.) When looking for the sweater think about what you have at home in your closet to match with sweater (EX: Scarf, leggings, necklace, pants, bag etc...)
5.) Since we are looking for a sweater in the Men's section make sure that you go down a size to get that over sized  look. For example : The sweater in the top picture is from the Men's section its an XL. I washed the sweater before I wore it and it shrunk just a little bit. It was still pretty big on me.
The second sweater I got was out of the Women's section it was a 2XL. The sweater kinda fit pretty snug. I really didn't have any extra room in this sweater!!
6.) The last final step Have fun and look cute in your sweater!!!!

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this post!!!
Talk to you Later!!!
Happy Thanksgiving
If I don't do a post before then!!!
XOXO T.Bradshaw