Sunday, December 2, 2012

Vlogmas Baby!!!!

Hey Guys!!!
How is everyone? I hope that you guys are doing great!!
Are you ready for the holidays?? I sure am!! I love family holiday fun:-)
Ok this year I wanted to try something new I wanted to do some video Vlogs until Christmas. I'm going to take you guys around with me while I get prepared for the holidays. Family Time! Christmas Parties etc...You get to meet my crazy family and friends!! So be prepared! And dont judge my weirdness!! LOL So here is my first vlog below!!
Enjoy xoxoxoxoxo

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What's in my Bag Tag!!!

hey Dolls!!
I wanted to do something fun and start a little tag that's all!! LOL
I have seen this tag done YouTube channels but I haven't seen in bloggers do the tag..Unless I missed it so I wanted to start the tag and also TAG some of my favorite bloggers and see if they will join in as well!!!
So here is my bag
I purchased this bag over a year ago! And it has a little wear and tear but i think its sooo cute!!!
This bag is a Inspired Hermes Birkin bag!!!
This is whats in my JUNKIE BAG!!! LOL
From Left to Right
1.) Marc Jacobs Perfume Daisy
(My sister brought me this for Christmas and I am in love with it you never know when you need to freshen up LOL)
(I broke my charger so all I have is the usb cord left :-( )
3.) My body spray by Victoria's Secret Plum Drop
(Sweet smell I just love to smell good if you can't tell LOL)
4.) Lip Gloss
(I brought this lip gloss from Avon its called Brown Sugar very cute)
5.) My fave Lip Gloss C.O. Bigelow
(P.S.Its a Lip Moisturizer and a BREATH Freshener take note! lol)
6.) My oh so fancy glasses that I need to wear at work every min to look at the computer! lol
7.) My oh so cute umbrella I ordered this from I believe they are back in the stores now!
8.) My wallet its ancient I want a new one:-( LOL
9.) A piece of Winter Fresh gum!!!
10.) My First-Aid kit
(I am a Te-Te to a toddler now and she is always running and falling so I keep this on stand by for scraps and bruises!!)
11.) My deodorant I don't know guys I just have a stay fresh phobia LOL
12.) My M.A.C. Foundation
13.) My fave blush I got from Forever 21 I love this Blush it reminds me of NARS blush!!
14.) My Juicy Couture bracelet
I left this at my mom's house so that's why its still in there I haven't put it in my jewelry box yet..
Don't Judge me!! LOL
OK that's it!~!!!
I know its not that much in that huge bag just things I keep on a daily besides my toothbrush I just used it before i took this picture so its in the bathroom!!!
So I am going to tag a couple bloggers I know via Instagram and Twitter and see what's in there bags!!!!
Until next time

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Orange and Red leaves...Pumpkins...Fair Weather..Soup..Hot Tea..
That's what my Fall life consist of! Is anyone else excited about the Fall season? I know I am!!! Whoop!Whoop! LOL
Besides the Holidays, the family gatherings,and the Friday night potlucks I have with my friends.I also OF COURSE enjoy and love the fall fashion!! Not only does it make me look slim and trim because you can wear bigger clothing lol I just love wearing alot of clothes! I know thats weird..But I love oversized sweaters,pants,leggings and boots etc...
I wanted to write this blog and show you guys some of the Fall fashion that I have seen on Pinterest and Tumblr that I am looking foward to.
So I have added some Fall inspiration below maybe this will get you geared up for the fall as well!!!
Until Next Time
Stay Blessed

Friday, August 31, 2012

Fashionista Spotlight

Meet Alicia
From the Blog LayersOfStyle
Hey Dolls I have the pleasure of introducing you to a very sweet young lady named Alicia! She has a sick sense of style!!! And guess what its all on a budget!! That's why I FREAKING love her blog its very classy! She shows you how to be sexy,classy,and laid-back all on a budget at the same time!!!
Alicia was nice enough to answer a few question for me and tell us a little bit about herself!!
Alicia Thank you so much for doing this you are such a sweetheart! I see big things for you and your Blog in the future!!!
So here it goes guys Enjoy!!!

Your Name or (Nickname that you would like to go by:-):
My name is Alicia. Ah-lee-cee-ah but everyone pronounces it Ah-lee sha. So I go by Lecee to make it easy :)

Where are you from?:
New York

How would you describe your personal style in 3 WORDS??
Classic Feminine and Trendy

Do you follow trends or make up your own rules??
I do follow trends but I make them my own. It's important to add your own personal style to your look so it sets you apart from the rest.

Who are some of your favorite designers?
I honestly don't have any. I like what catches my eye and what can agree with my pockets. I wear the clothing not the name.

What are your main beauty items that you carry with you on a daily basis?
Mac Studio Fix powder and a nude lipgloss

What are five MUST have clothing items that YOU think a girl must have??
The little black dress, a black or nude pair of pumps, a dark wash pair of jeans, a white button down shirt, and a statement necklace.
Blackberry or Iphone?
Definitely iPhone
Forever21 or H&M?
I love them both but if I had to choose one it would have to be Forever21
Heels or Flats?
Twitter or Facebook?
Before you die you want to.....????
Build a legacy

Who's style do you admire most?(Can be anyone!! Not just someone
famous) and Why??
I love Jeannie Mai's style. She extremely feminine but has some edge to her with her blue hair and tattoos. I adore her!

Are there any blogs or websites that you follow for inspiration? If so who??
I love Style & Poised, Jeimy's Fashion Love Affair, and Naja Diamond along with a lot others. But these 3 fashion bloggers shows you how to be fashionable without breaking the bank.

Describe your blog or website what should your followers expect from you??

You know when you see someone well dressed and they have this richness about them? They’re just clean, polished, and everything seems effortless? Well that’s the style I appreciate. That’s my sense of style. Not too flashy, definitely not over the top, just simply well put together. Of course one's style isn’t just about the clothes. That’s the bare minimum. There are Layers of Style.
Fashion, makeup, hair, interior decor, cuisine, music…..the list goes on.  Follow my blog as I touch on all things interesting to the most feminine woman, you know, us girly girls

What can people expect from you in the future?(Blogs,Projects,etc...)
I want to take my blog Layers of Styles to the next level. I would love to do interviews and cover events
What is your favorite Quote and what does it mean to you??
 I still have my feet on the ground, I just wear better shoes. -Oprah Winfrey
 I just love Oprah. When you follow your dreams and stay focused amazing
 things will happen but just make sure to stay humble.
Ok Guys I hope you guys enjoyed the interview make sure you connect with Miss Alicia!
Instagram: LayersOfStyle
Youtube Channel: LayerOfStyle
xoxo Tracy

Monday, August 27, 2012

My Senegalese Twist

Hi Loves I hope everyone is having a great Monday so far. Ok this post will be about my new hair I am going to give you the Pros and the Cons about my hair!
Ok First Hair info and How long was the process:
10 bags Rasti Afro Kanekalon Hair
(I took my hair to the braider a day in advance and she had to do something special with the hair)
The process took 2 days.The reason why it took longer than normal is because we stopped laughed,played,went to the movies and out to eat in between doing my hair no lie! LOL
Pros about the Twist: I love the Hair this hair does not shed which I am amazed by. I mean its not Virgin Indian hair or anything...LOL but its a great brand
Very easy to maintain.
Very easy to wash.
I get compliments EVERYDAY about my hair! LOL
Protects my hair from heat each and everyday.
Cons about the twists:
#1 its all my fault the braids are very heavy to me I have 1,000 braids right now and I am always trying to wear them in a bun at the top of my head and it makes my neck hurt! LOL
Other than that I absolutely LOVE these braids and NO I did not get my braids because Beyonce had some...I got them because I thought they would be SUPER DUPER CUTE! LOL
If you have any further question about the Hair or who braided my hair feel free to contact me @
Until Next Time Stay Blessed

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Favorite Blogs! OH YEAH!!!!

HEY LOVES!!! I hope everyone is doing well..Everything is great on my end New Beginnings and New Life! Blessed and Highly Favored!!!!

I just wanted to do a post to let you guys know what blogs I like and where I get my inspiration from the blogs that  I list below inspire me as far as religon,fashion,self-worth and make me SMILE on daily basis. So I hope this helps someone out who is looking for new blogs to follow I know I am ALWAYS looking for new blogs to support and read!!! So if you know of any comment below let me know your favorite blogs!!!

Stay Blessed!
xoxo Tracy

Favorite Blogs(They are not in order by who's the best and who's not It's just a list) LOL

Chastity From The Curvy Girl's Guide to Style She is absolutely GREAT! I love her style!! Just wonderful!! Omg! She has the best OOTD! I check her blog each and EVERYDAY!
Shirley from Meek-n-Mild She is a London based Blogger great sense of style as well! She is so sweet she also has a Youtube channel as well! I check her channel and blog everyday!
Kristen of GlitternGlue she has one of the best DIY blogs out there she is very creative! Love her blog I check it daily as well!
Zara from Mouldy Fruit she is Freaking Amazing! Her makeup is the best! She takes you around the world with her through her camera. Her Fashion is AWESOME as well!!! Check her out! I follow her on instagram as well! She is another London based blogger as well.
Chay aka Mizz Scoop Ok this girl is super duper funny! I love her blog she is very sweet as well! I love looking at her blog it's about fashion,music and about her life in general! Great Blog!!!
Brittany I did a Fashionista Spotlight on Brittany when I first started my blog! Brittany is one of my friends from High School she is an upcoming stylist in Dallas! Love her style!!!
Corie from ItsMyTaste First let me say that this is one of the first blogs that I checked every single day!!! She has such a great sense of style and daily inspiration the outfits she puts together are AMAZING!!!! I love this blog!!!! You guys have to check her out it is a must!!
Ellis From FabEllis I love this blog!! This blog is a thifters ticket to heaven! She is the best thrifter I know besides myself of course! LOL I go to her blog when I am going to go thrifting to see what she found and to get some inspiration. Also any natural sisters out there she has some helpful tips with Natural hair!
Shatiah I did a Fashionista Spotlight on Shatiah as well! She is one of my crazy friends as well!! LOL Shatiah has a great blog! Great sense of style she talks about health,fashion,and fashion and fashion and fashion! LOL Check out her blog as well!!!!
Mandi she is one of my good friends as well she has a GREAT blog!! She is one of the best thrifters I know she is an Arkansas Based blogger!! Her blog is basically about health, her daughter and life as well!! Love her blog!!!
Heather Lindsey-Heather's blog has truly blessed me as a Christian woman! Heather's blog talks about life as a single and married woman living for Christ. Heather is the founder of Pinky Promise. Heather's blog keeps me motivated about Christ and Living for him each and everyday I would suggest that every woman should read her blog. If you are wanting that closer relationship with God and you are wanting to understand the Bible better please read her blog I have been truly I mean utterly, Blessed since I stared reading her blog!!!
Also I am in the Little Rock group here for Pinky Promise best decision I have ever make. They are in each in every city!!!

Wendy I love this blog as well! Her style speaks for itsself!!! She has a great Youtube channel as well! Look at her blog read her bio about her life and you will truly fall in Love with her!!!

So guys get to it!! Look at the blogs and enjoy yourself!!! Let me know of any blogs that you guys read as well!!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

PhotoadayChallenge Day 10

You and Your Friends.
I made a picture of me and my friends LOL!

Make sure you follow me on Instagram: TraceBradshaw

Thursday, August 9, 2012

PhotoadayChallenge Day 8&9

I missed a day so I'm going to add both days together

Day 8 Your Hair For the day I didnt comb my hair Wednesday so it was bad hair don't care! LOL

Day 9 Mirror Picture

Monday, August 6, 2012

Friday, August 3, 2012

PhotoaDayChallenge Day 3

Your Favorite Celebrity! You know its my Bestie Sarah Jessica Parker! I love her!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Photo Challenge Day

Hey guys I know that i put a photo Challenge list that I wanted to do but i found a better

#photoadaychallenge  #1 Lyrics to your Favorite song

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

August Photo Challenge!!!

Hey guys! It's me again I know I am proably 1,000 years late but this is my first time trying the photo challenge!! YAY!

So I am going to try and do this the entire month of August. Most likely all of my photos will be on Instagram and Twitter. The information is on my last post!

I hope you guys join me!!!
XOXO Tracy

P.S. Check back everyday this month I will be updating my blog!!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Connect with me Update!!!!!!

Hello my Loves!!! So here is an update on ways that you can connect with Miss.T.Knight!

There is Always,Always,Always....

Also there is.....

 Follow me on Tumblr iHeartTknight

And I FINALLY got....LOL
Follow me on Instagram @TraceBradshaw

Ok well when I am not on here and haven't did a post in a while these are the best ways to keep in contact with me or to see what I have been up to!!!
Until Next time
xoxo Tracy

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Birthday!!!!! 2012*WARNING PIC OVERLOAD*

Hey everybody!! I know I haven't posted anything and I have been M.I.A! But I have an excuse my job has been killing your girl with overtime! And I have been so tired when I make it home each day I just want to sleep..LOL So Lazy huh? I know! I know! But I am here ready to blog again!! OT is kinda dying down just little bit!!!

Lol I had so much fun you guys! My friends are SO GREAT!!! I love them to death! First of all, One of my BFF'S Larayna she picked me up that day and we went on one of our Little Rock ADVENTURES! THEN THAT NIGHT I HAD A DINNER AT BENIHANA'S IT WAS SO GOOD! I WAS LAUGHING THE WHOLE TIME SUCH A GREAT TIME! OK I will include some pics below of my bday in my eyes!!!
 So I hope you guys enjoy them!!!
My day started off with my Best Friend Larayna!

Me and Larayna also went to a store called E.Leigh's here in Little Rock! Such a cute store! They had everything! More info on the store Coming Soon!!

Pants are so CUTE!!!

Geleto Ice Cream from ZaZa's Yummy!!!!!

(Larayna @Ray0fLite)

Jill (@Chinadoll_0434)

P.S. Everyone wanted their own Photoshoot! LOL

Ok after the dinner we all went downtown to a wall here in Little Rock and Its called The "Before I die I want to.."There is chalk out there and you write on there something you want to do Before you die! It was Really Fun!!!!!

Ok and then other Photoshoot began!!! LOL