Tuesday, February 14, 2012

.Feb mini Shoe Haul:-)

I love shoes and purses they are my weakness...I just wanted to show you some shoes that I have purchased:-)

I love my loafers!!! Are you guys feeling the loafers this season???
Well until next time

.Happy Valentine's Day

Today was a good day...I was woke up this morning at 6:35am by a "Happy Valentine's Day" text that really made me smile...Today has been an Okay day it would've been better...But you know we all can get what we want and have the fairytale ending all the time...I just came to realize that's just life:-) I was thinking maybe we are all not meant to have that ending, maybe our endings are bumpy and that's just how its going to always be you know...But enough of that...I said I was going to watch me some good movies and eat my fave pizza for my valentine's day dinner.I went to my fave pizza spot Gusano's and got the biggest pizza they had LOL..

.Yummy for my tummy:-)
Also my sister and my niece brought me this great valentine's day basket and my mom brought me a beautiful card;-)

And my day was so complete by spending it with my love BRAZIL:-)
LOL...I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine's day. I hope you spent it with the one you loved or with friends and family!!!
Happy Valentine's Day
Love Tracy