Thursday, October 31, 2013


Welp.So I am here with my feelings on my shoulders again.
It seems like I always get to this place when I try to open up to someone in particular or just in general.
Good ole Feelings!! Man I hate them!! LOL Like who invented feelings? Who came up with this man?
These feelings have gotten the best of me for the past two months!!!
I find myself somewhere so happy,content, and peaceful with life and then I'm kicked right back down in the chest.

I know that God is real and that he never puts anything on me that I couldn't bear. It's hard to have to deal with your feelings alone. To be honest I was almost at a place in my life where I felt like I could open up a little more and give a little bit more.

When I was just about to give my all I experienced the truth.
I used to be that girl that gave her ALL, 1,000 % and more to any situation. Such as work,church, friends&family and even relationships. It just seemed like in every situation I was being used, abused and not getting the same in return. So
now I don't give that much of me to people or situations.

Is it wrong of me to protect myself? My heart? My worth? Or should I just go into situations and life blind? Just experience like with no precautions, no hesitations, no second thoughts??

Oh these Feelings I tell you my mind is everywhere!!!
I'm tired of the here today gone tomorrow people, flies,bees and birds!!!

I knew that I would never have to write another post like this again. But HEY I'm human! I'm not perfect at all. Nobody is..LOL

I know its somebody else out there just like me or so *wink* LOL
This is my plan from now on when I meet new friends or just anyone in particular.
This is how I want to introduce myself so no one would get the wrong impression or have their mind somewhere else and there heart in one place. Want to hear it? Well here it goes...
Hi my name is Tracy
I'm human. I'm not perfect.

Geesh!!! Feelings go away soon!! I wonder can I give all my feelings to Drake? Because he loves being emotional!!!
I know I don't!!!! LMBO
Talk to you guys LATER!!!
And next time I will be BETTER!!!!!(Ghetto sentence I know)