Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What's in my Bag Tag!!!

hey Dolls!!
I wanted to do something fun and start a little tag that's all!! LOL
I have seen this tag done YouTube channels but I haven't seen in bloggers do the tag..Unless I missed it so I wanted to start the tag and also TAG some of my favorite bloggers and see if they will join in as well!!!
So here is my bag
I purchased this bag over a year ago! And it has a little wear and tear but i think its sooo cute!!!
This bag is a Inspired Hermes Birkin bag!!!
This is whats in my JUNKIE BAG!!! LOL
From Left to Right
1.) Marc Jacobs Perfume Daisy
(My sister brought me this for Christmas and I am in love with it you never know when you need to freshen up LOL)
(I broke my charger so all I have is the usb cord left :-( )
3.) My body spray by Victoria's Secret Plum Drop
(Sweet smell I just love to smell good if you can't tell LOL)
4.) Lip Gloss
(I brought this lip gloss from Avon its called Brown Sugar very cute)
5.) My fave Lip Gloss C.O. Bigelow
(P.S.Its a Lip Moisturizer and a BREATH Freshener take note! lol)
6.) My oh so fancy glasses that I need to wear at work every min to look at the computer! lol
7.) My oh so cute umbrella I ordered this from Forever21.com I believe they are back in the stores now!
8.) My wallet its ancient I want a new one:-( LOL
9.) A piece of Winter Fresh gum!!!
10.) My First-Aid kit
(I am a Te-Te to a toddler now and she is always running and falling so I keep this on stand by for scraps and bruises!!)
11.) My deodorant I don't know guys I just have a stay fresh phobia LOL
12.) My M.A.C. Foundation
13.) My fave blush I got from Forever 21 I love this Blush it reminds me of NARS blush!!
14.) My Juicy Couture bracelet
I left this at my mom's house so that's why its still in there I haven't put it in my jewelry box yet..
Don't Judge me!! LOL
OK that's it!~!!!
I know its not that much in that huge bag just things I keep on a daily besides my toothbrush I just used it before i took this picture so its in the bathroom!!!
So I am going to tag a couple bloggers I know via Instagram and Twitter and see what's in there bags!!!!
Until next time