Monday, December 9, 2013

.Christmas Wish 2013

TraceBradshaw's  Christmas Wish List
(From Left to Right)
1.) Victoria's Secret Gift Card 
2.) A pair of all white Converse (8 1/2)
3.) My favorite perfume ever Marc Jacobs Daisy (Mine broke so I need a new one *sad face*)
4.) Shag/Fur Vest 
5.) Gold classy flats LOL
6.) LV large brown classic monogram Neverfull bag
7.) Infinity Scarf 
8.) Military Style Pea coat
9.) A nice pair of rider boats w/ lace boot socks
10.) LV Damier large Neverfull bag
11.) Bath and Body Works Gift Card

That's all I want for Christmas!! Easy Right!!! LMBO
What's on your wish list???
Until Next Time