Friday, February 3, 2012

Today I Laughed!!!

.Today I laughed..I havent laughed or been so happy this way in a long time...
Today even started off really rocky too...Man...Some things I want to go my way wasn't and then I felt  like When are things going to get better for me???
*Then I stopped* I took a breathe*Thought about it...
I said" Self??! And myself said "Huh'???
Why are you sad and God woke you up this morning, You have family and friends who love you..The most adorable Niece in the world! Plus a job,car, and soon your own place to live!!
Right then and there I became so happy and overjoyed it was CRAY!!!!
So whenever you are feeling down or low just sit back and think of ALLLL the many blessings God has blessed you with!!
Well right now i am off to do one of my fave things and that is to eat PIZZA!!