Monday, June 13, 2011

Make a wish.......

So I have been thinking about a couple of things...And daydreamin about stuff that I really want!!! Maybe I should write out a christmas list put in the mail and send it to Santa Claus for christmas in July!!! LOL.... I follow Mschanda on youtube and she takes some awesome pictures with her Nikon Coolpix L110 and I want one!!! I love to take pictures of everything especially my niece and Brazil(my dog):-) I also want to get Adele,Jill Scott and Beyonce's new album!!! Adele has been out a while and I went to Target and it was $9.99 I dont know why I didnt pick it up then...Where was my antenna's????LOL Also I want Jill Scott's CD because I have seen her two new videos and she just seems sooooo happy and free!!! And I want the same feeling I am slowly but shortly getting my happiness and joy back!!! Beyonce's CD does not come out until June 24th I heard a song by her on the radio the other day can't think of the name of it but it says something like You're the worst thing I ever had.....something like that!lol But I had it blasting in my car!!! So I cant wait to get her CD!!!! I also want a new handbag...Ok before we go any further "Hello my name is Tracy and I am a addicted to handbags!!lol I have to buy a new purse everytime I go the store, shop online, ride a bike, hope, skip, jump or whatever LOL...So hopefully I will have new bag before the week is over with:-) I am going to try and do a wish list every month of everything I want because hey sometimes a girl just has to treat herself!!! Lol A million hugs and kisses!!!

P.S. I also want a pair of some cute little Flats;-)


Monday Lucky Dress .....

Hey beauties!! This is my OOTD..just a simple comfortable dress and cardigan!!! I was so comfortable yesterday and I did not feel like getting all dressed up this morning...So I found this little dress in my closet I brought this dress last spring. This is my lucky dress..Lol You know how Jessica Simpson (My Muse) has her lucky green sweater, she said that a lot of good things have happened to her in that sweater and she loves it..That's how I feel about this dress...alot of sunshine,late nights, stars, and fun in this dress!!!!!!



Necklace:Plato's Closet

Bracelet: Juicy Couture

Sandals: Target

Earrings: Forever 21

Cardigan: Rue 21