Thursday, September 19, 2013

Za Za's

Oh how I LOVE this place!!!
If you love salads,cheese,vegetable's and gelato ice cream then this where you need to be!!!
Me and The Triplets (Me.Shamia.and Alex) went to ZaZa's for lunch today!!
Check out the Yummy Pictures Below!!!
This is My Salad
I got the Create Your Own Salad
Spinach,Tomato's,Peppers,Goat Cheese!! I love Goat Cheese!! Parmesan Cheese and Caesar Dressing!!! YUMMY!
My Soup was the Southwest Potato Corn Chowder soup!!! It was Great!!!!!
Here Comes The Gelato Baby!!!!!!!

I had the Limncello/Pineapple Soberto
Shamia&Alex: Biscoff Cookie
I am so stuffed from this meal!!! OMG!!! This place is awesome!!!
The customer service is awesome!! The owner was so nice to us!! Her name is Amber she was very sweet!!!
Everyone if you are in Arkansas please stop by and check out ZaZa's you will love it!!!