Saturday, June 30, 2012


Tickets for Little Rock Fashion Week 2012 (July 16-21) are available to purchase on-line at and at the following locations

The Salon Professional Academy in North Little Rock
The Joint (Argenta Arts District)
Uncle T's in Little Rock
Round 1 Fashions in Conway
ATTENTION: There aren't any tickets available at RK Collections
$40 (advance) - Posh Expression Fashion Experience VIP; $30 (advance) Posh Expression Fashion Experience general admission; $20 (advance) - Young & Fabulous Fashion Experience; $50 (advance) All Week Pass, which guarantees entrance into Media, Industry VIP Mixer
Click on this Link to buy them online:
I am so excited! I hope I see you all there and if you are blogger that is coming to the area for Fashion Week please let me know! Me and my fellow Blogger Brittany have something that we are working on for you guys!!!
xoxo Tracy

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Swapnista Spring 2012

OK Guys I had the pleasure of going to Swapnista this weekend!
First let me tell you this was the best event that I have been to ever! I had the best time here!
This event was hosted by Keren (Two Stylish Kay)
She was so sweet and nice very down to earth!
It was held at Little Rock's very own Fashion Designer Diva Korto Momolu studio
OK words can not express how much fun I had at this event I got to meet some fellow bloggers also I took my little sister Markita along with me! This event is a thifters heaven on earth! The bloggers did a fashion show of the latest trends color blocking and tribal etc...I didn't get any pictures b/c I was in it of course but it was fun Starr won her dress was GREAT!!!!  

The Fashion Swap: What happens is you take 3 items that are barely worn or never worn before, jewelry, or perfume etc...You register in and get a number. We went 4 at time around the shopping area for 5 mins to pick out 3 items that we wanted! The thrill of those 5 mins was so fun!!!And then after everyone went they did a countdown 5,4,3,2,1.....! And then we were all able to grab whatever we wanted!!!
OMG! I can't wait until next year! Me and my sister talked about it all night long! We got to meet new people make new friends it was very fun! I hope they bring more events like this to our area!!!
Thank you so much Keren for bringing this to us!!!!!! I hope you come back next year or in the next few months!!! LOL I have enclosed some pictures below of the event:-)
Enjoy XoXo Tracy

Some of Korto Momolu's Designs

Me and two Fellow Bloggers
Mandi and Starr

My New Friend Sherry

Jade of SoJaded Makeup and her friend
The host Keren and the Little Rock Coordinator Michelle
Me and Korto
My sister Markita and Sherry
Some of the Ladies who attended everyone was so nice and sweet

The Swap and Fun Photos
I wanted this bag so bad!!! LOL

 Me and Kita with our swap bags FULL of great items that we got! I will do a Haul post!
Me,Mandi and Karen

Ok guys that's the end! Like I said I can't wait until the next time and I will be doing a haul of all the stuff me and Kita got from the event soon!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Fashionista Business Spotlight

Hey Guys~I most definitely have a treat for you guys today with this spotlight!!!
Today I have the pleasure of doing this spotlight on a company called Shiizmii!!
What a unique name right? So cute! OK guys this business is owned by two lovely ladies Brittany and Toni.
They took  time out their busy schedule to answer some question for us! So if you want to know more about their business where you can reach them and what you will see from them in the future read below and get to know them better:-)

Brittany and Toni thank you so much for doing this for me! I really appreciate it!! I love your website! I see big things for you guys in the future!
Stay Blessed!

Until Next time
Xoxo Tracy

Meet ShiizMii and The Owners

Name of Your Business: SHIIZMII (she~is~me)

What inspired you to name your business??

The name SHIIZMII stems from women across the globe. Our own individual style is what makes us all different but shopping is the very thing that brings us together. I am her and she is me 

When did you start your business??
(P.S.This dress gives me LIFE!! Ok keep reading LOL)
What products does your business specialize in? (i.e. Handbags,Earrings,Hair,etc...)
Clothing and Shoes
What is your price range in your store??
Do you have a website or a storefront location?

Your Names:
Brittany & ToniMarie
Where would you like to see your business in the next 5 years??
Our plans are to turn SHIIZMII into a thriving success. Our expertise, loyalty and exceeding expectations are what set us apart. We envision our brand on national build boards, campaigns, sponsors for more charity and community events. We want SHIIZMII to not only be known for the fabulous collections we carry but also known as a company bridging the gap between women and connecting young girls by fashion, empowerment, motivation etc ..

What advise can you give someone that would like to start their own business like you did??
ToniMarie: Honestly this is really simple to me, if you have a goal or dream, do it. It may cliché but if you outline your goals, set a plan, research research research and pray over it! Everything will take its course and fall right where it needs to.
Brittany: If someone is interested in starting their own company, I say go for it!! If it is truly something that you are passionate about and it makes you happy as an individual then why not. I feel there is no right or wrong way to start a company, there are so many ways to go about it.

What is your favorite quote or Motto???
Brittany: " I am shaped and FASHIONED by what I love. Letting the beauty of what I love be what I do."
ToniMarie: "Your only competition is with yourself, you are your greatest enemy. When you remove fear and doubt add confidence and faith that's when power takes over

Ok guys I told you they were great!!! And their clothes are TDF!!! And they also carry plus size clothes as well!!

Follow them on twitter @shiizmii

Thursday, June 7, 2012


i know this is random but right now I have animal prints on my mind and soul!LOL I just wanted to share it with you guys! Animal prints makes me feel FEISTY!!! LOL (Did I spell the right? Hey who knows) LOL
Unitl Next Time

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Where is the Sunshine?

Hey Guys! I hope everyone is having a great day and your weekend was great.
I know I hate writing sad post but here lately I have had a lot of things going on in my life. Dont get me wrong I thank God for the good, the ugly, and the most diffcult times that I have had. The reason being is because they make me stronger!
I have just been through so much here lately I want to ask God when are you going to lighten up on me! LOL Like when will I have a happy day,weekend, or  just a fun day where I feel appreciated. I dont want to go into details but I have been really stressed over some issues.
It seems like everyone else is happy around me expriencing new things and new adventures in their life and I get to one spot or place in my life and I am just stuck there! I am really stressed I want to give up sometimes but then I have a little talk with the most important man in my life and thats God. He keeps telling me to keep on trying, to keep going and that this is just not my season at this time. God also told me not to stress over things that can't be changed. Such as things that I have lost material things, jobs, relationships,and friendships! I have been really hurt lately by some events that have took place in my life, but I get so happy and relieved when God comes to me and says that You dont have to worry Tracy I took this or that away for your good and because I love you:-)
I just know that God is telling me that its not my season and things will get better!
I dont want to question God but I just hope the storm is over soon:-(