Monday, July 18, 2011

TknightPhotography Bday Special

I am currently running a Bday special because guess what?? My Bday is Sunday!! July 24! That's a National Holiday Buddy! The special I am running right now will be: Unlimited Photos for $50 as many outfit changes as you want! I don't care if you bring the whole entire family!!! Engagement shoots/Couple Shoots, Fashion Shots..etc... It's my bday special!!! Indoors/Outdoors whatever works for you!! I will edit everyone of the pictures that I take!!!! Now that's a deal!! The special ends July 25! You can contact me!!

There are some examples below on another blog that I did before!!! Also you can go to my website@

I hope to hear from you soon:-)


Weekend Pizza Bay-Bee!!!!!

Now you already know we are Greedy!!! LOLOLOL..This weekend was really fun!! I had a great time I did a little shopping , a little partying, and a lot of eating LOLOL! This summer me and my friends are really trying to exprience everything that Little Rock has to offer! So Me,Jill and Fred went to Gusano's pizza downtown in the Rivermarket area!! When I say this pizza is soooooo good I mean it!! Our pizza was so big we each only ate one piece of the pizza and took the rest home!!! Gusano's is a very nice place to go and relax and have pizza with your friends. There was a guy there playing the guitar and he dedicated Love and Happiness by Al Green to Jill and Fred it was soooo funny!!! Then he song My girl and everybody was singing very loudly " I guess you say"...LOL Needless to say I was very full and tired when I left there!!! So if you are ever in Little rock stop by Gusano's pizza you will not be sorry! This is my own personal review of this resturant they did not pay me for this!! LOL ..Oh yeah! Hey stop going back and forth to the picture of the pizza.. I know you are hungry!! Order you one!! LOL


.Princess Breeze Designs

Imagine walking in a place with a beautiful chandelier hanging from the celling. Tank is playing in the background softly saying "Got a lady on the line.......". Bottles of Moscato and jewelry everywhere, Makeup artist and Hairstylist there doing lashes and makeup!!!....Yes you can go ahead and say it You would be in Heaven!!! LOLOL!!! This weekend I went to a very good friend of mine by the name of Princess custom jewelry Sip n' See!!! It was sooooo much fun!!! The feather earrings that you seen above are custom handmade pieces by Princess!! They are absolutely GAWGUS!!! Very reasonable the prices go from $10 and up!! You know when you usually hear someone say my pieces start from $10 and up the $10 pieces are always very cheap looking...Not with this jewelry they all look very nice and well worth your money! I took my little sister Markita(Aubree's mom) along with me she had nice time, besides her calling home checking on Aubree every 5mins. I guess it was the new mommy syndrome! LOL And of course my girls were there too!! We had a very nice time!! I love to support people who are doing something positive and if it has anything to do with fashion of course!! LOL Princess also has other jewelry pieces that she did not design herself as well like the rings pictured above. The Ladies of Radiant Styles were there as well doing lashes and makeup. Check out Erica's hair it is the I love it!!! I had a very nice time at this event look out for Princess really soon I think she is about to go National and International with her jewelry.

You can follow her on Twitter @Lrock_Princess also her Contact info is (501)420-7538

You can follow Radiant Styles on Twitter @Radiant Styles.

Sorry for the picture overload but I wanted you guys to get a taste of what I experienced!