Wednesday, February 8, 2012

.Creative Fashion

What is a life without Fashion??
Before, we go any further some people think fashion is just by wearing designer labels..
And the answer to that is NO!!
Fashion is not by just wearing Forever21,H&M,Express etc...brands ALLL the time either!!!
Fashion is what you make it!! I know that sounds weird but it is you can look hot in a Thrift store outfit as well!!
So in honor of Fashion Week I wanted to add some pictures above of some hot designers that I enjoy but ummm....*coughs*Can't afford and I really don't care too break the bank for them but they are pretty hot!!!

Now these are some pics that I found on Tumblr(source:blackandkillingit)
The pics above are of some looks that you can easily put together..
Another reason why I put these pics up are because when I was young and coming up we didn't really  have a lot of girls in the magazines or the Internet period that looked like us or that were really showing fashion that was within my budget if you get what I'm saying...So when I look at the pics above I can say "HEY
 I can really go to goodwill or one of my local "within my budget stores"(lol) and put something together that may look close to the looks above...Or just take a piece of each look for inspiration...
One more thing that I want to say is be yourself when it comes to fashion...Just because everyone in your town is wearing button down shirts with leggings you step outside the box...Wear ripped jeans and fringe shorts and tops just dare to be different...

The Last thing this is post that I seen on Tumblr from Tae Hackard from the game she is very down to earth and a great person please look at her video below for inspiration:
That's all I have to say for Today!!

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