Saturday, February 25, 2012

Thrifty Saturday....

It's Me Again..Two Post in One day!! LOL
Okay my Internet has been down because of Comcast..UGH!! The tech just left so as soon as my Internet was back up I was ready to blog!!!LOL
Well today to waste a little time before the cable man came to the house we decided to do a little shopping today at my fave store GOODWILL! I love thrifting its the best! This time when I went to the thrift store I was focused on getting something to wear to church on Sundays. I found 3 items that I really liked..We also went to Wal-mart and ran up on a little outside sale where summer items were $1.00! So with spring just around the corner I got a couple of items that I can wear this summer..I also did an OOTD so this was a good Saturday as usual...Oh yeah one good treat I had a special guest with me today when I went shopping my niece AUBREE!!! Pics Below Enjoy

Shirt:Old T-Shirt
Below My Niece Aubree:-)

The items I purchased

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