Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Yes Ma'am's

Hey Guys you know I love music all types of music!!
I just wanted to post a new group that I found called The Yes Ma'ams
OK first of all I started seeing a lot pics of them on Tumblr...So I must say before I fell in love with the music, I fell in love with their Awesome Killer Style First.
So I finally did a little bit of research and I found the name of their group The Yes Ma'ams <----I love that how cute!!!
If I could describe their music for me they kinda sound like Vanity 6!! I love 80's groups! I miss that sound that's what I grew up on. You know feel good music no since my baby left me music lol!! Let me describe their music to you *Lets set the scene* Its 10pm you already picked out your outfit that you are going to wear..Just hopped out the shower putting on your makeup doing your hair,taking sexy bathroom pics of yourself before the club music or just a night out with the girls music!!!! LOL If you get what I'm saying LOL So I think this group is going to go really far you can download their new singles on their website. I am going to include more pics and my fave songs below.
P.S. They did not pay me to do this review I just wanted too!!
Until Next Time
xoxo Tracy
Guess what they Tweeted me How Sweet:-)

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