Saturday, December 7, 2013

.Fashionista Spotlight

Meet Mrs.Crystal Perkins
I am so excited to do this spotlight on my old College R.A.!! She's just the sweetest person! 
She's a full time wife and mommy!
 Crystal has a great spirit and a great sense of style!!!
I wanted you guys to get to know Crystal a little bit better so she answered a couple of questions below about herself! Thank you so much Crystal for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this for me!!! Muah:-)

Your Name:
Crystal Perkins
Where are you from?:
 Hope, AR

Age: 29

How would you describe your personal style in 3 WORDS?? 
Fun, fearless, and unique!

Do you follow trends or make up your own rules??
 A little of both! 

Who are some of your favorite designers?
 I really don't have any! 

What are your main beauty items that you carry with you on a daily basis?
 Lip gloss, eye liner, and mascara!

What are five MUST have clothing items that YOU think a girl must have??
 Black heels, a leather jacket, pee coat, cut up blue jeans, wedge sneakers, and a lot of camis.

Blackberry or Iphone?

Forever21 or H&M? 
Forever 21

Heels or Flats? 

Twitter or Facebook?

Before you die you want to.....????
 Build a foundation to where my legacy of helping, inspiring, and encouraging will live on for years to come! 

Who's style do you admire most?(Can be anyone!! Not just someone
famous) and Why??
 Angela Simmons...her style is always classy and sophisticated. She doesn't really follow trends! She sets them! She's always confident in what she wears! 

Describe your blog or website what should your followers expect from you?? 
I don't have a blog. However, I interact with people a lot through my social network pages...Specifically, Facebook. My followers should expect a lot of spiritual and inspirational post! I often post a lot related to faith and encouraging people to follow their dreams! 

What is your favorite Quote and what does it mean to you??
 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13. This has always been my favorite scripture. Simply because it tells me that whatever I want in life or desire to be can be done through Christ!

What can people expect from you in the future?(Blogs,Projects,etc...) 
I'm actually working on a project that involves my love for GOD, Fashion, and Helping Others!!! It will be revealed in 2014! 

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