Thursday, March 19, 2015

Daycare Mommy Blues:-(

*deep sigh* Okay guys this is very hard for me but I have to prepare myself to get the words out of my mouth!
OMG!!! I am so scared to send my baby to daycare. The reason why is that you hear so many horror stories about daycare's period. It's so hard to find a good daycare!! 
My sister is currently caring for Kaden b/c he's so small. Kaden has not had he's 2 month shots yet so I wanted to save him from all the unwanted baby germs.
My baby is super spoiled he always wants me to hold him(Well, I am always holding him LOL). I feel like he requires alot of one on one attention. Only a family member could give him the type of attention that I give him.
I think I found a good daycare...In this daycare the youngest baby is 5 months. So when and if Kaden starts attending this daycare he will be the youngest child there.
The good thing about this daycare they have cameras in each and every room.
The daycare owner she's very nice and licensed
She always has 3 workers in the infant/toddler room
The daycare was very clean!!!
The daycare is only two blocks away from my job.
The facility owners are very nice.
It's also a family oriented daycare meaning that everyone who works there are related to the owners.
The things I am scared of is that they are going to just let me baby cry all day.
My baby is going to be sitting in a wet diaper all day.
My baby will get sick from being in the daycare and so on...
I have so many things running through my head.
I will say I have to except that babies will get sick and babies will cry .
I can also go check on him everyday on my lunch!! Ya'll know I'm going to be up there every 5 mins and calling. LOL
Hopefully, I can make a decision soon regarding sending my baby to daycare.
Pray for me and my nerves LOL
Congratulations Keisha&Dwight *muah*
Infinity Anderson
Born 01/16/2015
6lbs 12oz

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