Friday, June 17, 2011

Wishes do Come True...

Hi my DOLLS&GENTS.....Ok you guys remember my make a wish list the other day. Well guess what! I got 3 things on my list. I can not believe it like it happened so fast! One thing that I am so happy about is my New Nikon Coolpix L110!!!! Yay! I have been wanting this camera for a very long time. And I got the camera with all the accessories and more for just $150!! IKR!!! The camera retails for $279!!! Such a great deal!!! I will be taking my BFF Jill and her honey's pics this weekend just to try the camera out and I will post pics for you guys!!!

I also wanted a handbag...I kept wondering What kind of bag I wanted? Could I afford it?? And so on and etc...and blah blah!! So I just forgot about it!!! I went to the Goodwill on my lunch break yesterday and guess what??? I got two bags and a shirt for $12.50!!!

One of the bags was a Vintage Leather Dooney and Burke!!! OMG TDF!!! I know!! lol

I just wanted to come and let you guys know the good news!!!!

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