Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Pizza Bay-Bee!!!!!

Now you already know we are Greedy!!! LOLOLOL..This weekend was really fun!! I had a great time I did a little shopping , a little partying, and a lot of eating LOLOL! This summer me and my friends are really trying to exprience everything that Little Rock has to offer! So Me,Jill and Fred went to Gusano's pizza downtown in the Rivermarket area!! When I say this pizza is soooooo good I mean it!! Our pizza was so big we each only ate one piece of the pizza and took the rest home!!! Gusano's is a very nice place to go and relax and have pizza with your friends. There was a guy there playing the guitar and he dedicated Love and Happiness by Al Green to Jill and Fred it was soooo funny!!! Then he song My girl and everybody was singing very loudly " I guess you say"...LOL Needless to say I was very full and tired when I left there!!! So if you are ever in Little rock stop by Gusano's pizza you will not be sorry! This is my own personal review of this resturant they did not pay me for this!! LOL ..Oh yeah! Hey stop going back and forth to the picture of the pizza.. I know you are hungry!! Order you one!! LOL


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