Monday, February 20, 2012

.Fashionista Spotlight

.This is a new series that I am starting on my blog I am so inspired by certain people styles that I seen on Twitter,Tumblr,Blogs and etc..everyday..So I wanted to feature them on my blog.
And the definition for Fashionista for me does not mean someone who dresses up everyday and has pictures on Facebook and Tumblr everyday with the peace sign and duck lips...LOL

A Fashionista to me is someone who expresses a need for fashion.
Understands Fashion
Knows How to Capture Fashion
Loves anything that deals with Fashion shoes,jewelry,hair,nails..etc...

So I am going to do a Fashionista spotlight either every other day or whenever I feel like it..LOL
It may be a blog,business, or just a random person that I see on the street..

But I think this will be FUN!!! I am so excited and also this will be a chance for you to to get some inspiration as well.

Until Next Time
XOXO Tracy

P.S. Here is s definition that I found of Fashionista that I loved:-)
Fashionista or Stylista
A gurl or guy who`s really fashionably and stylish and always wear the most outrageous outfits or might even be cute and lovely at times. They`re the type of people who`ll make others say : 'She`s so bang on trend' or 'I wanna be like her'

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