Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Favorite Blogs! OH YEAH!!!!

HEY LOVES!!! I hope everyone is doing well..Everything is great on my end New Beginnings and New Life! Blessed and Highly Favored!!!!

I just wanted to do a post to let you guys know what blogs I like and where I get my inspiration from the blogs that  I list below inspire me as far as religon,fashion,self-worth and make me SMILE on daily basis. So I hope this helps someone out who is looking for new blogs to follow I know I am ALWAYS looking for new blogs to support and read!!! So if you know of any comment below let me know your favorite blogs!!!

Stay Blessed!
xoxo Tracy

Favorite Blogs(They are not in order by who's the best and who's not It's just a list) LOL

Chastity From The Curvy Girl's Guide to Style She is absolutely GREAT! I love her style!! Just wonderful!! Omg! She has the best OOTD! I check her blog each and EVERYDAY!
Shirley from Meek-n-Mild She is a London based Blogger great sense of style as well! She is so sweet she also has a Youtube channel as well! I check her channel and blog everyday!
Kristen of GlitternGlue she has one of the best DIY blogs out there she is very creative! Love her blog I check it daily as well!
Zara from Mouldy Fruit she is Freaking Amazing! Her makeup is the best! She takes you around the world with her through her camera. Her Fashion is AWESOME as well!!! Check her out! I follow her on instagram as well! She is another London based blogger as well.
Chay aka Mizz Scoop Ok this girl is super duper funny! I love her blog she is very sweet as well! I love looking at her blog it's about fashion,music and about her life in general! Great Blog!!!
Brittany I did a Fashionista Spotlight on Brittany when I first started my blog! Brittany is one of my friends from High School she is an upcoming stylist in Dallas! Love her style!!!
Corie from ItsMyTaste First let me say that this is one of the first blogs that I checked every single day!!! She has such a great sense of style and daily inspiration the outfits she puts together are AMAZING!!!! I love this blog!!!! You guys have to check her out it is a must!!
Ellis From FabEllis I love this blog!! This blog is a thifters ticket to heaven! She is the best thrifter I know besides myself of course! LOL I go to her blog when I am going to go thrifting to see what she found and to get some inspiration. Also any natural sisters out there she has some helpful tips with Natural hair!
Shatiah I did a Fashionista Spotlight on Shatiah as well! She is one of my crazy friends as well!! LOL Shatiah has a great blog! Great sense of style she talks about health,fashion,and fashion and fashion and fashion! LOL Check out her blog as well!!!!
Mandi she is one of my good friends as well she has a GREAT blog!! She is one of the best thrifters I know she is an Arkansas Based blogger!! Her blog is basically about health, her daughter and life as well!! Love her blog!!!
Heather Lindsey-Heather's blog has truly blessed me as a Christian woman! Heather's blog talks about life as a single and married woman living for Christ. Heather is the founder of Pinky Promise. Heather's blog keeps me motivated about Christ and Living for him each and everyday I would suggest that every woman should read her blog. If you are wanting that closer relationship with God and you are wanting to understand the Bible better please read her blog I have been truly I mean utterly, Blessed since I stared reading her blog!!!
Also I am in the Little Rock group here for Pinky Promise best decision I have ever make. They are in each in every city!!!

Wendy I love this blog as well! Her style speaks for itsself!!! She has a great Youtube channel as well! Look at her blog read her bio about her life and you will truly fall in Love with her!!!

So guys get to it!! Look at the blogs and enjoy yourself!!! Let me know of any blogs that you guys read as well!!!


  1. Thanks for including me and for your daily support! #muah!!!

  2. Thank you again for including me! This was extremely humbling for me. Be blessed!

  3. Thank you so much for the blog love--I appreciate it! I will be checking out all of the blogs you listed here shortly!