Monday, August 27, 2012

My Senegalese Twist

Hi Loves I hope everyone is having a great Monday so far. Ok this post will be about my new hair I am going to give you the Pros and the Cons about my hair!
Ok First Hair info and How long was the process:
10 bags Rasti Afro Kanekalon Hair
(I took my hair to the braider a day in advance and she had to do something special with the hair)
The process took 2 days.The reason why it took longer than normal is because we stopped laughed,played,went to the movies and out to eat in between doing my hair no lie! LOL
Pros about the Twist: I love the Hair this hair does not shed which I am amazed by. I mean its not Virgin Indian hair or anything...LOL but its a great brand
Very easy to maintain.
Very easy to wash.
I get compliments EVERYDAY about my hair! LOL
Protects my hair from heat each and everyday.
Cons about the twists:
#1 its all my fault the braids are very heavy to me I have 1,000 braids right now and I am always trying to wear them in a bun at the top of my head and it makes my neck hurt! LOL
Other than that I absolutely LOVE these braids and NO I did not get my braids because Beyonce had some...I got them because I thought they would be SUPER DUPER CUTE! LOL
If you have any further question about the Hair or who braided my hair feel free to contact me @
Until Next Time Stay Blessed


  1. I want to get these so in the VERY near future! They're so pretty and so low maintenance, as far as having to deal with YOUR hair and putting heat on it and other harmful things....

    1. IKR! Thats the good thing about them low maintenace!

  2. They look amazing, Tracy! I want some like now--I had kinky twists for awhile, but now I want these. You're rockin' them, miss lady!


    1. Thanks Mandi! If you need her number just let me know sister!!!

  3. I love the twists, they look really pretty on you ;-)


    1. Aww Thank you so much! I really appreciate it:-)