Sunday, September 23, 2012


Orange and Red leaves...Pumpkins...Fair Weather..Soup..Hot Tea..
That's what my Fall life consist of! Is anyone else excited about the Fall season? I know I am!!! Whoop!Whoop! LOL
Besides the Holidays, the family gatherings,and the Friday night potlucks I have with my friends.I also OF COURSE enjoy and love the fall fashion!! Not only does it make me look slim and trim because you can wear bigger clothing lol I just love wearing alot of clothes! I know thats weird..But I love oversized sweaters,pants,leggings and boots etc...
I wanted to write this blog and show you guys some of the Fall fashion that I have seen on Pinterest and Tumblr that I am looking foward to.
So I have added some Fall inspiration below maybe this will get you geared up for the fall as well!!!
Until Next Time
Stay Blessed

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