Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mr&Mrs Baker 9/15/13

*Singing* When I first saw you..I said Oh my that's a dream that's my Dream......!!!!! LOL
Aww as of 09/15/2013 my best cousin in the whole wide world Ashley Wayne became
Mrs. Ashley Baker!!!! Awww *tear*
My heart is still filled with so much joy!!! I am so happy for my cousin Ashley and her HUSBAND Marcus!! They are everything to me!!! They have always been there for me through the good and the bad!! These two think they are my parents especially Marcus he is very overprotective!!! LOL
So to see these two take this step made me really happy!!!

Ok well the wedding was beautiful!! The wedding was held at the President Clinton Library here in our hometown.

(Me and Ashley)

(My Cousin Amber/Ashley's sister Maid of Honor, My other cousin Lana photobomb'd her lol)

 (Ashley and My Best Friend Jillian The Bride and The Bride To Be Love Them!!!)
I was unable to get footage of the wedding because for some reason my phone said I was out of memory I was so upset!!! I was also enjoying the cermony so my footage would've been horrible anyway. So I just wanted to share a few pictures from the wedding day with guys so you can exprience the love and joy!!!
Congratulations Marcus and Ashley I love you guys!! Now give me some little cousins so they can grow up be like ME!!!!

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