Friday, September 13, 2013

Where have you been?

Hello EVERYONE!!! How have you been?? I know its been almost a year since I have posted anything on my blog BUT I am back now!!!! As you can see I have been very busy and a lot has changed since the last time I have posted. Some things have changed for the better and the some not so good!!! Lets start with the bad news well a couple of months ago I lost a dear uncle of mine. I took that very hard. I didnt want to do anything but be around my family. Me and my family we all stuck together and we helped each other get through that diffcult time. I miss my uncle dearly I think about him everyday and I know for a fact that he is my guardian angel now and he is looking over me everyday. Ok well I have still been up to my usual activities such as hanging out with my friends and of course SHOPPING!!!! So instead of me writing a long pargraph I included some pictures of my life and what's been going on!!! Also I am working on re-launching my blog there will be a new design soon I am working with a web designer now. Once I do that I will have a TraceBradshaw Blog Giveaway!!! So Stay Tuned for that!!!!
P.S. My blog is no longer ihearttknight it has changed to TraceBradshaw!!!
It sounds more chic to me!!!! LOL
Description of the pictures are from Left to Right
1.) The Triplets(Tracy,Alex&Shamia) 2.) My new iPhone Case 3.) Hot Steve Madden Shoes 4.) Leopard Lush Shoes
5.) Girls Night Out  6.) Sushi My Favorite 7.) My niece Aubree 1st Day of School*tear* 8.) ZaZa's Salad Lunchw/The Triplets 9.) My 29th Birthday Dinner 10.) Random Picture of me 11.) Me and my little sister Markita #TBT
12.) Me and My Honey 13.) Me at Starbucks studying Oh yeah I am back in school!! 14.) My Birthday Cake


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