Sunday, November 2, 2014

My DIY Maternity Photoshoot

Hey Guys!!!! This weekend I felt pretty good and I wanted to capture some moments of my pregnancy!!!  I am really trying to save money anyway I can to prepare for the arrival of our son. So whatever is free is what I'm trying to do from now on Lol!!!

So me and my good friend Ashlei and my boo thang got together and took a few pictures in a random neighborhood lol

I got a few ideas from Pinterest first, got my regular little digital camera and we got to snapping pictures!!!! 

I used a photo editing program that I found online I think my pictures turned out Great I love them!!!

I am so excited and anxious about seeing my little cookie monster's face!!!!

Oh yeah Pregnancy Update: I am 28 weeks and 5 days pregnant and my nose&face are HUGE!!!!! Lol


I thought this picture was cute my body is the "B"!! LOL

P.S. I also finished a little Vlog nothing Fancy!!!

Until Next Time


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