Tuesday, November 25, 2014

YIKES!!! Pregnancy Hormones...

I mean at this very moment I want to cry and laugh at the same time...
Is this real?? Is this really happening to me?
I watched a Vlog yesterday on YouTube and CRIED..LOL
Y'all this is CRAZY!! or Am I crazy??!! *enters twilight theme music*
Well as of today I am 31 weeks and 7 days pregnant so tomorrow I will 32 weeks pregnant!
Everything is going well Baby Boy kicks and moves around everyday all day so he is doing great.
The only thing that is bothering me the most is my hormones! When I tell you I can be SOOOOOOO mean sometimes it is crazy.Sometimes I want to be around people and then sometimes I don't!
I tell my boyfriend I want to watch a movie with him and then I get mad when he sits next to me to watch the movie like WTH Tracy! Get it together girl!!!
It's seems like throughout my pregnancy my emotions have been up and down. I guess that just comes along with being pregnant.
The only thing that I hate is when people say that you are using it as an excuse to be EVIL!!!! No honestly, being pregnant is like PMS'n for 9 mths with a little midget growing inside of you with his/her foot in your ribs..Get the picture??!!! LOL!!!
Today I am in a good mood though..I think..LOL See up and down hormones you never know what you are going to get!!! LOL
Well I guess I am done with my little rant!!!
Off subject I am so ready for Thanksgiving!!! I am going to eat everything on the table even the centerpiece!! LOL
Anyway, If I don't post on or after Thanksgiving
I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving with Family and Friends!!

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