Sunday, July 10, 2011

Its been awhile...

Hey guys it has been a min. since I have done a blog entry! I have been very busy!!! I hope you guys are enjoying this wonderful month of July which is my bday month BTW! So excited! I have been doing alot here lately. Ever since I got my camera I have had a couple of photo shoots. I am loving this photography thing! I mean I am not the best but, I just love capturing moments:-)

Here are a few Shots:

Those are a few of my fave shots that I have taken!!!! Also I should be moving soon...So today I am going to try and do more than one blog entry because I may be gone for awhile;-( But dont worry it wont be long I will be checking back and forth! Also you never know I may not be gone at all! Big Brother is always watching!!! LOL

Stay Blessed You Guys!!!! xoxo-Tracy

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